Homemade Pasta

We love making up our own recipes and when it comes to pasta-the kitchen is your play ground. We had some ingredients left from our previous dinner (Cream Sauce Smoked Salmon Pasta) and we had to use the cream before it went bad. Here is what you need: The Sauce Spring Onions Garlic Mushrooms Cream or… Continue reading Homemade Pasta


Cream Sauce Smoked Salmon Pasta

Hi There! I like a quick, healthy-ish and yummy dish for dinner. I have not cooked in quite some time as I am being spoiled a lot. Also, I am usually working during prepping time for dinner. So, Monday night was my turn. I was feeling adventures and have been craving a creamy pasta. Prep… Continue reading Cream Sauce Smoked Salmon Pasta


Christelle de Kock

Personal Trainer/ Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach Why do you love fitness so much and what made you get into it? Ahhh, so many reasons! Most of all I love the difference fitness makes in someone's life it can make you realise you are capable of so much more than you once thought/ always… Continue reading Christelle de Kock


What I have learned in 30 years

This post was first posted on my first blog in 2015 after my 30th birthday. I loved working on it and writing down the things I have learned. I wanted to change the format a bit and share it again. So, here you go. We all learn different things as we go through life. I… Continue reading What I have learned in 30 years


Viva! Kitchen Tea {Misha}

Hello There1 I had the privilege to shoot Misha's kitchen tea. At first I was bullied into it by my sister, but soon I got used to the idea and was very excited to capture some details for her. It was held at a restaurant, Viva!, with a Mexican them. Off course the party was… Continue reading Viva! Kitchen Tea {Misha}


Summer Portrait Photo Shoot {Elré}

Hello There! It will be corny if I start off by saying this is my very first post, but this is my very first portrait photo shoot. My beautiful friend, Elré, wanted to do a Summer shoot, so we set off to Cape Town on a very hot Summer's Day. I am a bit disappointed… Continue reading Summer Portrait Photo Shoot {Elré}