COVID-19: My Diary – Part 2

If you missed part 1 of my diary, you can read it here.

Day 22:

So, last night Etienne and I took a sleeping pill. We were exhausted and after the message we received from my work, we had to get some sleep.

This morning I woke up groggy. My head felt thick and I just could not get my eyes to open properly. I was in bed, well actually on the couch until just before 12pm this morning. I decided I had to get up and move or my body will freeze in this position.

I am in a bit of a spin today. Still trying to get my head around the work situation. Nobody has been in this situation before. Like one of my colleagues like to say, this is uncharted territory. Nobody was prepared.

Well, I can not spend all my time dwelling so I got up, did the washing, cleaned the kitchen, made the bed and tidied around the house. I edited my blog and posted that. I backed up my phone as I always do. This is such a good thing to do. I only do it with my pictures. I have been doing this regularly since my sister’s phone got stolen a few years back and she lost all her photos. So, back it up!

I got dressed for Fancy Friday as well. This is the thing I look forward to these days. Not being able to see people sucks, but with Instagram we can interact with one of my favourite celebrities (Katryn Kruger) and this just cheers me up. I took about 20 selfies and at last got one that was not blurring.


I have an off day from work today, but it comes at a price. I am working this weekend Saturday and Sunday. I hate it so much.

I was so looking forward to lock down ending yesterday and I had all these plans.Then we heard last week, no it is extended and then my job hit me in the gut with the news of the company.

For now, we are still confined to our homes. You are only allowed to leave for essential trips to the shop and pharmacists. I will be okay. I am sure of it. But I want to go for a walk.

Tonight we will be having Snoek. I still need to decide what we will add to that.

Funny story. Etienne tried to bake a sour dough bread. Something went wrong somewhere. The dough was really runny and when he tried to bake it, the outside was nice and crispy but inside it was raw and eventually it turned to clay. So, we did have a bit of the outer part, but the rest will become dog food I guess.

Day 23:

I am working. Yeah me. But I am very positive today. Scared to death to pick up the phone and call the people, but I decided I will try my best.

I have a strange calm over me.

Day 24:

I hate working on Sundays so much. I will gladly give up my off day and not work Sunday. It is not like I can really go anywhere on my off day as we are confined to our homes.

I wonder if other people are also struggling getting some sleep. I just can not switch off. My brain is busy the whole day.

Maybe I should try exercising (permitted my arms allow me), but I just have so much trouble focusing.

I wanted to colour in a picture of a rainbow, so I downloaded one. I am so glad I did it. I stuck it to my dream board and it makes my day bright when I look at it.

Day 25:

Another Monday, another work day.

I emailed my doctor last night because I was suppose to go see him on Wednesday. Initially I wanted to cancel the appointment, but then they advised that they are taking strict measurements so that patients are not coming in contact or have to sit and wait in the waiting room. They are also going to send me a letter which allows me to travel to their office.

If you asked me at the beginning of the year if I thought I would have to get a letter from my dr to give me permission to travel, I would have laughed. Well, look at us now. Wearing masks, wait I still need to make myself one for Thursday. Oh I hate stuff on my face.

One bright spark is it is raining! I am so happy. In my element. Our earth needs it. To wash away all the gunk.

Etienne is making us spaghetti meat balls tonight. Super excited! One of my ultimate favourite dishes. It is one of those that will be on my list of last things to eat before I die.

He asked me to keep an eye on the sauce because it had to cook very slowly for the rest of the afternoon. The last time I checked I realise but this is not lightly boiling anymore and then I realised I switched off the stove top after I made myself coffee. I have done this so many times. Not to worry, switched it back on and the sauce is all fine. Phew!


This was delicious!

We will, as per the rumour, hear tomorrow if we still have a job or not. You will receive a letter.

This is honestly the worst experience I have ever had in terms of my career. I hate this.

Day 26:

I had very fitful sleep last night. I dreamed the most bizarre stuff and it was so confusing and incomprehensible. It is like someone took a few situations and just threw them together on a canvas. The ugliest painting ever.

According to Etienne when I woke up this morning I looked like a character out of the Trolls movie. You can decide for yourself.


I received my letter this morning. For now, I still have a job and I am grateful.

I put in leave for a few days. I need a break. I would have liked to take it a bit later but the current situation is not ideal. So, for now I have a few days during lock down and some day when we reach a new “normal” I will take a few more.

Like my friend said this morning, I have been COVID-19-ing for a very long time, before lock down happened.

So, tomorrow I am visiting my endo. They were very sweet. They sent me a letter saying that I am on my way to see my doctor. The only problem is it says Mr instead of Mrs and it has Etienne’s date of birth and not mine. I hope I do not get pulled over, but we will see how wild it is out there. I have not left my town for more than a month.

Our president is said to be speaking to us again tonight. Wonder what he has to say? I have so much respect for him after this whole ordeal. He is doing a good job.

Day 27:

Okay, so no news really from uncle Cyril. Except that he is spending a lot of money to help everywhere. He is due to speak to us tomorrow evening again and then we will see if this lock down is coming to an end. Oh my hat, I really hope so.

Today started off fantastic. I left home just before 8. On my way to see my endocrinologist. I quickly stopped at my parents (they are on the way to the doctor’s office) and said hi. I so needed that hug from them.

I got some advice as to how we are going to get this Dia-betus train back on track and then I got a bunch of good news. The possibility to get a sensor is increasing and it is available at one of the pharmacies close to us.So, I do not have to pay courier costs when I need it. Also, my endo signed a contract with my medical aid so this means I get two appointments a year to see him and they pay for both! I do not have to pay it out of my own pocket anymore. This in itself was fantastic news. Even more good news when I got to the pharmacy. The meds he prescribed is much more affordable than I expected. What a bargain. I am set. I got this. I can turn this frown upside down, again.

I had to have some blood drawn as well. I always hate it. 3 vials of blood! I can not watch when they do it. The nurse said she needed urine for one of the tests as well. Let me tell you first. I always have a problem because I can not pee on demand, but today I were fully prepared. I gave them more than enough. LOL! I have been holding it since I got there.


I spent some time just standing in the sun. I had to wait for Etienne to fetch me from the pharmacy. The sun on my skin felt so good. Like recharging. While standing there I was disappointed to see so many people and cars in town. Why?! You are suppose to be at home. Why are people still not taking this seriously. We got our second case of COVID-19 last week. It is scary.

Now, on to do nothing more than maybe read, maybe watch TV or maybe sleeping. The options are endless. I am on leave!

TV it was. I am still watching TV, but we did spend some time outside and had a “braai”.

Etienne and I had wine, snacked on some Big Corn Bites, had a “skaap tjoppie”. It was absolute bliss. It is so important to do this.


In different news. Both my shoulders are stiff. The left one still frozen and the right one in progress. So, back to living on pain killers. Man this sucks.


Let me try and get some sleep.

Day 28:

I had all the best intentions to do a lot of stuff today. I did absolutely nothing. Nothing. I slept almost half the day and watched TV the other half of the day.

Etienne said it is fine to take an off day, but it feels to me like I am wasting time.

I also realised I need to get some form of routine. I am deteriorating. Wow, that is a big word. Haha!

I am on my way now to rake some leaves. I am over the  “Fall in my garden”. Worst is, the rest of the trees still needs to shed. Fall is not my favourite time of the year.

4 bags people. 4 bags of leaves! Just 4 more trees to go. Eish.

So, mr president said that we can go outside and we have to wear a mask. Well, I will wear a buff mr president. All I was listening for is rules around travelling. By the looks of it travelling (that means flying as well) between provinces are still a no go. #fml in travel.

But the good news is, couriers can start delivering again which means I can receive my latest purchases. That is a good thing. I am super happy for the small business owners who can start working again, sending their products made with love into the world.

Oe, I am also allowed to start walking again. Which means, my dogs are going to love me. My first walk will be to the dam which is about 5km there and back. It is not going to be a fast walk but I want to do it. Pack a bag with coffee and treats and go walk. Maybe I should do a sunrise walk.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy morning. I am going to be so domesticated.

Day 29:

It is fancy Friday,


This is what I ended in, but first I had quite a list of stuff that had to be done. Louis Pentland gave the idea of making a list. Well, I have always been a list person, but these past few weeks, I did not make any.

This morning however, I did. I am quite satisfied with how it turned out. I got a lot done.

I feel quite accomplished tonight and today was a good day. I feel better due to the fact that I did not sit and “waste away” on the couch. The only thing I missed was reading a bit, but I will see if I can work in a chapter before bed.

For now, I am having a gin with my husband and we have a fire going for home made burgers. Life is good.

Oh, I also got a mask seeing that it will be required from the 1st of May when we leave the house. It is so boring, so I am going to spice it up with my sharpies. We will see how that works out #watchthisspace.

Cheers to the weekend!

Day 30:

We made it to a month. This is milestones people. We managed to stay inside for a month and I am not completely mad yet. Well done to me.

We, in South Africa, can be very grateful. Our lock down is not going to last as long as some other countries, although ours was the strictest in the world. Except for a few individuals I think we did pretty great so far.

We did not do much today. Watched a lot of Netflix and some Big Bang Theory (we have not seen season 12 yet).

Other than that we gave definition to the word couch potato.

Day 31:

We attended our church service this morning from the comfort of our couch. See, couch potatoes of note.

I am glad we did. Although we can not be there physically, having seen some old faces makes it better. It was a beautiful message of grace and I even learned something new.


Grace is receiving what we do not deserve, but receiving it any way. Like forgiveness. It is applies to the fact that, as the pastor said, there is no file cabinet in heaven. By the Lord’s grace we are saved. Mercy is receiving what we deserve but under lighter conditions.

This made me think a lot. I am grateful for the grace we receive every day. Thank you Jesus.

I miss my church family and look forward to seeing them again.

Etienne made us some curry. We are both very pleased that Winter is coming. This means more curry and soups!

I continued reading my book. It is very strange, but I like it. I have no idea what to expect and that makes it exciting. The book got a rating of 3 stars from most readers. We will see what the outcome is. Luckily I use it as a guideline and not base my decisions whether I will read a book or not. Oh, it is Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty.

Day 32:

Freedom Day in South Africa.

How strange is it that I have never before felt so trapped like I do today. These are weird times we are living in.

26 April 1994 became the first day in South Africa history where everyone could vote with equal rights. Before 1994, only white people were allowed to vote. People of colour had limited voting rights and black people were not allowed to vote at all. In public spaces you found signs that said “Whites Only” and “Blacks Only”. It is sad history, but on this day the new South Africa was born. I believe that everyone deserves their spot under the sun.

Etienne is working on a DIY project. He is restoring one of the few inherited pieces of furniture we have. It looks so nice. It just needed a bit of TLC. We will be purchasing new knobs for the drawers. The old ones does not look pretty anymore and I do not like the style, at all.

I will be in the corner of the couch reading.

Etienne wants me to cut his hair. I am so scared I make a mess. He on the other hand have all the faith of the world in me. Shame. We will see if this happens and what the result is.

Day 33:

So, I did not cut Etienne’s hair. Which is a good thing.

This morning Etienne asks me how many weeks it has been since lock down started. My answer to him was  I do not know and I really do not care. I am at a point where I do not give a crap about what is going on and how long it has been but at the same time everything is making me anxious. I hate feeling like this.

I am still on leave, which is a good thing, but I am already agonising about working on Friday (yes, I am back to work on a Friday, on a public holiday).

I am cooking tonight, maybe I should turn it into date night. Hmmm

Day 34:

So , last night turned into date night and we had so much fun! We both agreed that it would be nice to go to a restaurant for date night, just to get out of the house, but last night was lit.

I made some meatballs, sweet potato chips and a mixed salad. We even had some ice cream. We played strip Jenga, yes you read correctly. I lost, or did I. LOL!


Etienne even had some “rose petals” on the bed for me. I loved it and we laughed so much.

I had to go to the shop and pharmacy today. I hate wearing a mask, but I laughed to myself thinking how all the selfies are going to look for the rest of the year. Something like the one below.


We have to keep some kind of humour or we will be sad all the time.

I finished my book this morning. I enjoyed it. Not Liane Moriarty’s best work, but it was a easy read. If you would like to see what I am reading you can friend me on Good Reads.

Day 35:

Last day of my leave and last day of level 5 lock down. Tomorrow I start working again and tomorrow it lowers to level 4.

I know I should not, but I am agonising over starting work tomorrow again. The fact it being a Friday does not help.

This whole thing just made my realise I need to make changes. Besides the point that everything did and still will change, change needs to happen in and around me. I can not go around in circles anymore.

This honestly has been the worst experience so far. I do not talk a lot about my deeper inner feelings because everybody knows that everybody is struggling and it is not something I want to focus on. But, this has been hard. And it gets to me. Ya know.

In other news. I ironed and I cleaned our kitchen. Quite satisfied with my productivity this morning.

I ended level 5 lock down with a speaker/actress, Leandi du Randt. It was full of truth, wisdom and laughs. I enjoyed it so much and I am glad I tuned in. Thank you Leandi, I had to hear what you had to say.


Cheers to surviving lock down!

Last word:

It is May 1st today. It was glorious being outside with the dogs, people greeting each other with a smile on their faces. My heart was so full of happiness. I started itching the last bit before we got home, but that is okay. It means my blood started living again. May we never take anything for granted ever again.

Be safe!

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