Home Made (Sugar Free) Ice Tea

Recently I have been searching for new things to drink. Believe it or not, I have just become really bored and fed up with soda drinks. I feel bloated and I swear they changed the Coke Zero recipe. It just does not taste the same any more.

I switched to sugar free ice tea (Lipton and sometimes Manhattan). I really like the taste, but it is so expensive! We are talking R27-R30 (US$2) a 1.5L bottle, depending where you shop.

My cousin is known for her interesting recipes. I have had some weird combination of dips (I’m thinking of the avocado and mayonaise mix with cheese-that is weird to me), but always delicious. At a recent family gathering she had home made  ice tea. My husband and I basically downed the jug and then another appeared. It was just so delicious and sweet! And it was an extremely hot day.

The best thing was there was no sugar added and it is caffeine free!

The secret ingredient, Slimsy It is a low calorie, fruit flavoured concentrate, you just add water. Weigh-less (this company has been around for decades, not years) endorses the product in South Africa which means you can incorporate it into your weight management programme and it is Diabetic friendly.

But enough of how great this taste. How do you make it? When I asked my cousin she gave me the recipe up to the amount of cooldrink and then she was like “uuuuhm, I just wing it”! I guess it depends on how sweet you want it. She did say that her kids love it.

I found the following the work best.

You will need:

  • 6 Rooibos tee Tea bags (Carmien is sweeter, but Lipton works just as well).
  • 1.5 L of boiling water
  • A bottle of Slimsy in the flavour of your choice (not the whole bottle, just a bit).


You will also need a 2L jug and a bottle you can keep the final product it of course. I use an old Ice Tea container I got from a previous purchase.

Directions (This is super easy).

  • Boil enough water (1.5L)


  • Add your tea bags to your jug and then fill it up with water to the 1.5L mark (there is method to my madness).


  • Now, let this cool to room temperature. If I can take out the tea bags (with clean hands of course-always wash your hand before working with food or drinks) then it is cool enough. I squeeze out the tea bags.
  • Then, this is the tricky part. When you remove the tea bags you will see the level drops a bit. Depending of how sweet you want your tea, I fill it back up with Slimsy till it is 1.5L again and then a tiny bit extra. Taste it. That will tell you if it is sweet/strong enough to your taste. We do not want it overly sweet and because you do not add sweetener (Slimsy has non nutritive sweeteners added), I taste it.

Now here is the fun part. Transfer it to your bottle or you can leave it in the jug and refrigerate until completely ice cold. Pour yourself a glass and add some ice.


You can thank me later and I will convey the message to my cousin.

I have already gone through 1 bottle of Slimsy (you get about 4-5 1.5L of tea out of 1 bottle). You can do the math of how much tea we drink lately. I am not big on water and this is great as an alternative to stay hydrated.

I made the mistake once to use a dairy based concentrate-do not go there. You do not taste the tea and it is way to milky. Yuck.

If you try this, please let me know what you think!

And, if you have a home made tea recipe, share below! I am always up for new things.

Till next time!

Stay hydrated and sweet!





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