My husband: Say it like it is!

I saw this questionnaire on Facebook. Now, if you know me well, you will know that I am a sucker for questionnaires. I just freaking love filling them out.

This was funny!

Ask your husband these questions about you and write down exactly what comes first to mind from him.

1 Something I say a lot – Liefie

2 What makes me happy? – Kitties

3 What makes my sad? – My Diabetes

4 How tall am I? 1.65m (I am actually 1.66, but well done)

5 What is something I like doing? – Knitting

6 What am I doing when you are not here? – You work (Side note, I work from home)

7 What is my favourite food? – Mac and Cheese

8 What makes you proud of me? – Your love for me

9 What is my favourite restaurant? – Asami’s

10 Where is my favourite place to be? – Kruger National Park, definitely not the house ( I need to add that I work from home).

11 If I could go to any place, where would I go? – Mauritius, no where else. My wife can only spell M-a-u-r-i-t-i-u-s.

12 Do you think I can live without you? – No, because you told me so.

13 How do I irritate you? – When you ask me questions when I am busy with my own stuff, like now. (He was busy cooking dinner).

14 Who is my celebrity crush? – Batman does not count.

15 You receive a phone call and I tell you I am in danger-who am I with? – Marizanne, you two will catch on some shit.


16 What will I do when I win the lotto? – You will donate your money to any charity that needs help and not give it to your husband to spend wisely.

17 What am I afraid of? – That you will loose some toes (Diabetes related) and loose your eye sight.

18  What is something I can not deal with? – Yelling kids and dumb people.

19  What do you call me when you are angry with me? – Elré (Can I just add here, his tone scares me more)

20 What is the most beautiful part of me? – (He took this literally) Your bum and legs.

We had some fun and I laughed a lot. Isn’t that the point of questionaires like this?

Do it with your partner, even a family member and see what they come up with. I am thinking of maybe doing it with my sister or a friend.

Till next time!



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