Bril-Try On at Home

By this time everyone should be aware that I absolutely love Bril. If I could I would have a different frame for every day of the week. Simply because these guys are fantastic when it comes to customer service and the range of frames they have are awesome!

One of these days I will have my own Bril House-brand frame. Just looking for that perfect one.

In the meantime I did a Try on at Home a few weeks back. I wanted to see how it works, the turn around time and if it was worth it.

All I can say is, it totally is.

I went online to Bril and you click on Shop Online. In the middle of the page you will see the below.

Try on at home

You can follow this link to access all the information regarding the process.

The point is not to go through the whole process with you, the point of this is to tell you about this awesome option and how easy and fun the whole experience was.

I went online and selected the 3 frames I liked the most. I suggest that you open an account (It is free) as you will need this to track your orders. I placed my order using the code they provide and made payment. I was a bit worried because the payment did not go through immediately, but through their wattsapp line I quickly confirmed and all was good to go.

I received the frames the very next day. It came in the most beautiful box.


So pretty.

I felt like I won something, but not yet sure what it was.

I started immediately and tried them on. I took photos and posted on Instagram the first day just to show off the frames.

I obviously needed help and started sharing and tagging the crap out of Bril (hehe-I just had to).

die brille

In the comfort of my own home and at my own time I could try on the frames to my hearts content. And I quickly made a decision on my favourites.


Then it got tough, because the two left was my favourites. And I just could not decide.

I made a story on Instagram with the below pictures.

And then asked everyone to vote on my stories.


This did not help! Hahaha well it did, but still. I mean a 50/50 outcome makes it real difficult but on the other hand both can work hey? So how do you decide? You check which one Bril voted for and which one your husband (who is not on Instgram) like more.

Sending them back was just as easy peasy. You send an email and they do everything on their side. What is great is the price you pay covers both the delivery and collection, so no other payment needs to be made. You do not even have to fill out the form, that arrives with the courier.

I could not purchase a frame yet, but soon!

After you have done this you simply go online, choose your frame, pay and they send it to you. You have the option to purchase only the frame or send your prescription and they do the lenses for you.

My friend chatted to me about her husband who lost his frames I told her you need to try this! It does not matter that you are not in the Western Cape. The cool frames and cool people makes it worth it. Go online choose 3 frames, try it on and take the one you like.

They have special promotions if you take one, two or three (Check out the website).  The promotional options are not bad at all. A bit sceptical to have the lens made so far from home? Then get the frame only. No problem.

Where else will you get something this cool other than at Bril.

Do it! You will not regret it!





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