2020 Goals

Wow, we are almost half way through February and I have not done my goals! Well, I have but I have not made it official on here.

It is very important to me to set goals at the start of the year. I need to have something I can focus on and work towards. The rewards are so great. I feel very accomplished when I can tick of something I completed.

I do not set resolutions, I set specific, measurable, reachable goals. This year I am focused to have them done and by end of June I would like to able to say “I did it!” and extend them.

goals focus

So far so good.

What is in store for me this year.  Let’s round them up.

gaols books

My husband said that I am not allowed to buy any more books before I have cleaned out my to-read pile. I already broke the rule and bought a new book, so now I have an extra one to read.

This is my to read pile (I have already finished some books from here and busy with one from the pile, but this is what is left).

goals to read pile

Let’s be realistic. I work 8 hours a day and 1 whole weekend a month. I try to read at night before I go to sleep. This helps to switch off my mind and escape a bit. Luckily hubby is very happy to read with me as he adores books as much as I do. 1 book a month is realistic.

I am missing a book though. I do not have the first book in The Hunger Games Trio so it is 13 books. It would have been just 12 if I did not buy a new one. No, I am lying. I am busy with one so it would have been 13. The goal is not to finish all 13. The goals is to finish 6 by end of June. When I get there, I will re-set it and have another 6 for the last half of the year.

I love reading so much and these books have been on my shelf for too long.

goals save

Oh, how I love spending money! It is so bad. Consumerism has me! Send help. Okay, in all seriousness. I am not very good at saving, but as bad as I am at saving I am very good at paying off what I owe. Not a good thing though. I do not like owing money but I would much rather make debt than save.

So, it just makes sense that this is one of my goals. I can do this and this is within my reach.

Funny story though. I had an investment account which I stopped using so it was closed automatically. When I set this goal I went onto my bank app to re-open it, but now you have to set a debit order-which is a very good thing. I set it up and I am ready to go.

In the meantime I got my salary and paid over my R500 to my investment account.

On the 1st of February R500 is paid to an account and the reference and payment makes no sense at all. Instantly I panic because now after all the debit orders run I do not have anything left. How is that possible?

I go onto the bank app again and chat to a lovely lady and she advises me but that it is my stop order for your investment. *FACE PALM* I feel like such a moron. I completely forgot about the debit order I set up. So, debit order is set and I do not have to do it manually any more.

goals save1

Let’s save!

goals carbs

Ugh, the struggle is real people. I love bread, pasta, pizza, burgers, cookies, fries and the list goes on. I mean, who does not?

I just need to limit these wonderful carby foods. I can still have them, but I need to be careful. I realised my body does not like the above mentioned carbs and my blood glucose levels even more so.

I aim to have fruit, veggies and protein with 1 carb during the day. This is what I strive to have my plate look like.

I always had this thing that I need to completely cut all carbs out of my life because it is bad, but you know what, it is not. I have done this before by eating very low carb and incorporating 1 carb a day and it was O-kay. I did not get fat. My blood sugar levels looked fantastic as well.

So, here’s to re-starting every day!

goals step

All right. Again, I work 8 hours a day where I sit for 8 hours a day. I do not move a lot as my job is very computer intensive. I know the American Heart Association wants you to do 10k steps a day, but at the moment this is almost not possible.

Instead of saying no I can’t, I decided to try. Even if I only do 2500 steps a day, that is still something.

But, here are some stats for you.

So, 2500 a steps a day brings you to around 75 833 steps a month, yes some has more and some has less (I am looking at you February) days. I calculated 2500 per day on all the days available in 6 months and this totals to 455 000 steps in 6 months.

At the moment I did 100 074 step for January (WHOOP!) and thus far for February I am on 25 400 steps.

goals steps

I can not exercise intensively because of my shoulder. I am not allowed to even power walk, but I can still move and walk at a normal pace. This has forced me to walk into town and around town to get my stuff done. This is not a bad thing. Some days I kill it and sometime I get a measly 900 steps, but I move. And that is the goal.

So, watch this space!

gaols date night)

I am not doing this alone, obviously and meaning it is only me that does the whole planning. I got my husband involved here and it was decided (by me) that I will do 3 months and he will do 3 months.

I feel it is very important to set out at least 1 day a month and do a proper date night. It does not have to be somewhere fancy or away from home, as long as you do it date night style. Dress up, cook dinner, play games, sit and chat, whatever you feel you need.

We get so busy and caught up in life that we live past each other, in the same house! We need to slow down and get to know each other. This is an ongoing process.

We already had our first date night in January and it was so much fun. We had fondue, something my husband have not done before, played some cards and finished a bottle of wine. We enjoyed each other’s company just the two of us. We got dressed up and that was so cool.

goals date night

It is hubby’s turn in February. I am excited to see what he comes up with!

I have to say I am very proud of myself because thus far I am on track with the goals I set. Yes, it is not going to be smooth sailing all the time, but I have the goal in sight and along the way we work around the obstacles.

I will check in at June and let you know where I stand!

Till next time.

You got this!


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