Tea House in a Tree

I like it when my husband says “I want to take you somewhere”, this means adventure, explore and new places. On this particular day it was a new Tea Garden which we later found out was not officially opened yet. The grand opening would happen a week later.

tea garden 11tea garden 10

The Tea Garden is situated on The Goedgedacht farm just outside Malmesbury. It is in an old Oak Tree as the name indicates and it is easily accessible. No need to have tree climbing skills. That counts for a lot as I can not even climb over a mid-body high wall. It is a short walk from the parking area so no need to break a sweat.

We were met by a lovely, friendly lady and felt at home instantly. We were lucky as we were the only two people there. Bargain, because we could choose where we wanted to be seated.

tea garden 4tea garden 5

The tables each have their own centre piece, you are surrounded with fresh air and fairy lights are always a win. The views are so pretty with the surrounding farms and Table Mountain is in view as well!

We had some breakfast and delicious coffee. The menu has a few options like cakes, scones, breakfast and sandwich options, but enough to satisfy a sweet tooth or hungry tummy for breakfast or lunch. There is options for the little tummies as well.

This is not only a Tea Garden, the idea is to offer it as a space for a meeting, kitchen tea or baby shower etc. Although the menu has light meals, they can cater for dinner and events on request. They can cater for about 32 people at the garden, but on the farm they have a larger venue available, perfect for weddings and end year functions. There is also a lovely chapel. Accommodation is also offered.

tea garden 8tea garden 12

I loved visiting the Tea Garden. It is close to home for us, it is outside – perfect for a Summer/Spring day, it is in a tree ( I love trees), on a farm, the ladies were so friendly, the coffee delicious and the menu is easy.

They have card facilities if cash is not carried. For more information visit the website where you will find more info and contact details.

This is a definite yes from me if you are ever in the area.

tea garden 6tea garden 2tea garden 7

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