Happy Diaversary – Class of ’86

Today, 33 years ago on 3 October 1986 I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.


I am actually at a bit of a loss for words.

33 years is a long time. I turn 34 in November. I want to cry a little. I have so many feelings on this day.

Today I went and bought fudge for me and my husband. Chocolate fudge to be exact. I squeezed a candle in there and when my husband came home for lunch he became the camera man. He asked me if we are going to celebrate it and I just nodded. He wanted to take the picture in the kitchen and I told him, half shy, no I want it outside. It needs to be joyish. He went outside with me and chose the spot to take the picture because he wanted the tree I love so much, and the same tree giving him terrible hay fever,  in the background. We lit the candle and cheersed. In his words “To your health my wife”. He told me “I want at least another 33 years from you” and then he decided that was too little.

My heart is full. Never have any of my partners or friends I had supported me as much as my husband. He is my biggest supporter-he took the reigns from my parents and sister. He is always asking if I took my insulin, did I check my bg, when am I seeing the doctor again. Single digits makes him very happy. He says, it is a win.

It is such a hard journey. Not only physically, having to prick your finger, inject daily, but financially and  mentally it is so challenging. You try and control a body that is waging war on itself. I hate hospitals, going to the doctor, needles and dealing with the misconception of what Diabetes is.

But today, I want to be thankful.

Today I am healthy, I lived another full year without complications, I have not been in hospital for Diabetic problems since 1996 (and I was only there because they had to change my insulin), my kidneys are healthy, my pancreas is still lazy, I do not have any problem with my eyesight except that I am as blind as a bat at night and can not see far, I have healthy teeth and my sweet tooth is still there and happy.

Thank you God for my health, family and friends.

Happy Diaversary to me. May there be many many more healthy years.


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