Diary of a fat kid 1.0

Monday, 12 August

The day had it’s challenges, but nothing exciting happened. I did take my mother-in-law for a very fast paced shopping spree in Malmesbury during my lunch. I am so proud. Sometimes I surprise myself how fast I can actually move.

Look, food is not my friend, yet, and lunch was 4 slices, yes you little piggy, of toast. Does it count that it was the “air based’ bread from Spar? There is nothing really in it. I have to mention that the snacking in between has become a lot less. Well done to me.

I found out there is a Step&Weights class at the gym this evening. This was this morning at 8am. I started counting hours and later it turned to counting half hours. I just could not wait. I used to attend the Step&Weights class in the mornings when I started working later, but since I started a normal shift, 8-5 like everyone else, I could not attend and I missed it so much.

I was like a monkey with ants in its butt when I arrived at the gym. I could not stand still and I had some verbal diarrhoea and then that stupid laugh I give when I am happy/embarrassed/excited escaped my mouth. Oh my word, I did not even know how to cope with myself.

I did the class and I was on a mental high for the rest of the evening. It’s my jam!

I did get some more crochet lessons, yes my mother-in-law is teaching me how to crochet. Got the knitting, crochet-I look like an octopus who by accident knotted himself together. Yoh, my hands are dumb. But hey, the tension is getting better and the pattern actually looks almost the same. I even took some short cuts at the beginning without realising it. Although, I was puzzled that my pattern did not look the same everywhere. Well, mother-in-law showed my again and all of a sudden it made sense.


Let’s binge some BBT (Big Bang Theory).

Tuesday, August 13

05:30 is damn early. I hate my freaking cellphone alarm. But I love my phone to much to throw it to the opposite side of the room.

I switched my training time to have some more time to myself in the evening and shame then my trainer can go home earlier as well. It is a win-win.

My trainer asked me this morning, what we can do for her colleague when she get’s back from her leave. You know, like a welcome party. I suggested chocolate cake. I got a “excuse me what?” first and then a NO. She asked me what 94.5 sounds like and I told her KFM! I made her laugh so hard and while she was laughing, I caught my breath. Step-ups are hard.

Now, for those who do not know. KFM is a local radio station in the Western Cape. So, I told her when I reach 94.5 I am going to phone them and tell them you were my goal and I am now KFM. I told my husband this and he is like, while here is challenge for you. You can aim for every radio station here and then move on to Johannesburg. So first up is KFM (94.5fm), then Smile FM (90.4fm) and then 5FM (89.9fm). Well, challenge accepted.

I had all the intentions to stick to my menu today. And I did, for breakfast. I saw a packet of Simba Chips, well 3 packets, in the cupboard and before I know it, 1 jumped into my mouth. I could not get it out when it reached my tummy. One went it and the rest followed. Shame, they need to be together. So, there is to a failed on-my-way-to-lunch. Well, now I just need to fix the rest of the day.


Let’s have some coffee.

We are not going to talk about food the rest of the day. Winter is killing me in that department, but I am kicking his arse in the gym. Can’t out gym a bad diet though, hey.

Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, August 14

You know when you decide to go down the healthy road and you look at your cupboards like “oh hell-I need to get rid of all this junk”. Instead of just chucking it or giving it to someone else, you eat it all. It is one of those days in my life today. Sigh.

I have also decided I would like to join the “let’s recycle” party. I am so late to the party, but hey-rather late than never. So, I need to get more dustbins. I hate seeing those pictures where turtles, whales, birds ect are stuck in terrible situations or even dead because of our plastic waste. Siesa!

I can not decide if I want to do a tone class today or do the challenge class. I think if I look at what I stuffed my face with today I should do the challenge class. Maybe even go earlier and burn some calories on the treadmil. Yeah right, I know myself, I only do enough. This should change though.

I took a brisk walk in my lunch. My bird’s food is finished and before I let him die (and this will be not because of plastic wastage) I walked down to the pet shop. Good for me. Very chuffed with myself.

Oh, I also started reading again. At last. That took long enough. And I still love it.

Thursday, August 15

Waking up with a headache is the worste. It is like it will determine the rest of the day. All I am hoping for is for a swift passing. But first, coffee.

So, the scale is not my friend either this week. It is my own fault and I can not blame anyone else but myself. However, I am not going to to let this stop me. I will continue and try my best to get back on track.


Friday, August 16

Gym session done and dusted and it is 8am in the morning. Ready to work this Friday and get it done with. Weeeeeekend, I can see you!

Best way to end of a week is a braai with friends and of course a smashed goal. I want t go to the gym 5times a week (weekends are for chilling) and so far so good.


Let the weekend start!

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