My favourite local shops #supportlocal

You can ask my husband any time and he will say I have a problem. Well, two actually. I love local, handmade arts, crafts and products and I absolutely love online shopping.

I am a big fan of supporting locally produced goods. South African creators have so much to offer and these people/creators make me so proud. I love telling someone “oh I bought this from a local creator/store/online shop”.

I feel they do not always get enough credit or exposure.

I am going to list my favourite shops today and say a thank you to you all. I wear my gear with pride.

Betty Boo Gifts

I did an interview with Nicola a while ago you can read the interview here. She tells more about how it started.

Nicola always delivers. I have ordered quite a few goodies from her. She even made the cute caps for our wedding. Sadly we never actually took photo’s with it. This we realised after the wedding was all done. But, we still wear them.

She started with tote bags and t-shirts and expanded to so much more. T-shirts, totes, string bags, mugs, chokers, do-it-yourself tote bags, personalising items like flash drives, corks, braai tongs and you name it. She offers courier as well if you are not in the area. Fantastic.

Visit her here:

Betty Boo Gifts (Instagram)

Betty Boo Gifts (Facebook)

Hallo Jane

Hallo Jane

I met the Hallo Jane store at Root 44 Market in Stellenboch. I fell in love. I mean she make kitty earrings. What more do you want.

She is a regular fixture at The Root 44 Market and she has an online shop.

Here you can find silver- and rose gold jewellery, coasters, key rings  and the best is she has themes like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and NYC. She recently went to NYC to represent there as well. How cool is that.

Also she launched Hallo Jane Brides where you can get all your wedding goodies. She couriers country wide so you have no excuse not to order now!

You can find her here:

Hallo Jane Instagram

Hallo Jane Website

Hallo Jane Bride Instagram

Hallo Jane Bride Website

I love that you are expanding!

Idees Vol Vrees – Kobus Galloway

Idees Vol Vrees 1

T-shirt 1: I do not really want to be here         T-Shirt 2: Just a kitty being a bad ass.

Idees Vol Vrees 2

Left Corner: It is better to be full of coffee than to be full of shit. Right Corner: Flip, you can not really translate this. Maybe something like: Mad Mug.

Quirky. That is the word that comes to mind. He is a cartoonist. He takes Afrikaans sayings and draw pictures and make it funny. It will not be the same in English. It has to be in Afrikaans. He has published 4 books already which I still have to get myself one.

In his shop you will find t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and books. and of course laughs.

I visit the website often to check for sales (which happens regularly) and to see what is new. Even if you see a cartoon not available on a shirt you can contact him and he will organise for you. No problem.

Go check it out

Idee Vol Vrees Instagram

Idees Vol Vrees Website/Shop

Liefde Wen

Liefde Wen

I love the message behind this. Spread the love or in Afrikaans “Bliksem met Liefde”. The world needs love and their intent is to share it all over.

They started with various designs and colours of Liefde Wen (Love Wins). Recently they started with different wording and languages. Nowadays you can find hoodies, t-shirts, watches, socks and even shoes with the famous branding on it.

If you are in the Potchefstoom area they have a pop-up shop there. It is kind of a seasonal shop, but they let you know when it is open and not. If you are not in the area-shop online! My favourite thing to do.

Keep it up guys!

Liefde Wen Instagram

Liefde Wen Website/Shop


Mevrou& Co

Say thank you to the auntie.

This has to be one of the most famous Afrikaans sayings I heard as a kid. Also known as teaching your children manners.

I love this brand and their funny sayings. You can find t-shirts with sayings like Kak Fancy and Emosioneel (Emotional). They also recently started printing on hoodies and crew necks. They have children clothing as well. The babies looks super cute in their outfits.

They are very plastic aware and care about the environment. They leave simple tips on Instagram relating to reducing your plastic uses and being environmentally friendly.

Well done and congrats on the latest releases. I am keeping an eye out for my size in that crew neck I have my eye on. Nie vandag nie (Not today).

Visit them here:

Mevrou&Co Instagram

Mevrou&Co Website/Shop

MK Handmade Jewellery

MKHandmade Jewlery 2MKHandmade Jewlery 3MKHandmade Jewlery 4MKHandmade Jewlery 5

MK is my first local shop/creator and we come a long way.  I found her at NG Kerk Stellenberg Feesmark. Jewellery is her thing. If you want something custom-no problem, but she has the most beautiful original designs.

There are so many customs in the pictures above and it does not matter with what I went to her-she delivered.

She was the obvious choice for my wedding earrings and they were a hit.

You can find her here:

MK Handmade Jewellery Instagram

MK Handmade Jewellery Website/Shop

One Fine Beginning

One Fine Beginning

Strange how I came about this shop considering that they are located in Middelburg, South Africa. This is way, way out from where I live.

Christelle, who took part in Boer Soek ‘n Vrou, started sharing on her Instagram about these cute little shoes. When I saw it I just had to have a pair. Long story short I got referred to One Fine Beginning. They have the most beautiful products in their shop and even though I do not live close to them you can still order online by contacting them via email or Facebook. Fantastic.

All the products are hand made in South Africa and 100% leather.

Their Instagram are filled with colours and new designs regularly. You will not regret visiting the shop or browsing online.

Find them here:

One Fine Beginning Instagram

One Fine Beginning Facebook

One Fine Beginning Website-Coming Soon

Middelburg Shop: Middelburg Mall, Corner Dr Mandela Drive and Samore Machell Street, Shop 107B, Entrance 5 / Contact nr: +27(0)13 244 1307

Te Fraai Diena

Te Fraai Diena 1Te Fraai Diena 2

Where do I start? We come a long way. Almost right from when they started. I wish I can remember which my first pair of shoes are. I think it is between my boots and my Simoné vellies. I was also part of this party when the logo changed.

I wear my shoes regularly and they are some of my most comfortable. My boots are a winner in winter and everyone who sees them wants a pair.

It is handmade in South Africa, Northern Cape, Upington. With love I must say.  It is also 100% leather. They have a brilliant ordering system through Wattsapp and I am a super fan!

When they started producing hand bags I sent them a picture and asked “can you make this?”. The answer was simple. Yes, and I will keep you posted.

I received my handbag and fell in love.

I can definitely recommend a pair and they courier country wide.

Thank you Diena for my vellies. I love them all.

Find them here:

Te Fraai Diena Instagram

Te Fraai Diena Facebook

*Details on how to order can be found on the Facebook Page.

Turkey Dimple

Turkey Dimple

I “met” Turkey Dimple through Hallo Jane when they had this very cool competition last year and they collaborated. I did not win, but that is okay. I found Turkey Dimple and I am in love my earrings.

Everything is hand made with polymer clay. The details is so good. When I contacted her about my Toothless pair I received this cute earrings. When I wear my avo’s my work colleagues had such a laugh (in a good way). The question asked was “are you wearing avo’s in your ears?!”.

During the crisis with the baby flamingo’s in Kimberley she did this very kind gesture of donating a portion of the sales on the flamingo earrings to the flamingo fund. You inspire me to do good in this world!

Every time you order you get a hand written note and the cutest stickers. I love the personal touch.

You can find her at the Linden Market from time to time and she couriers country wide.

Go check her out here:

Turkey Dimple Instagram

Turkey Dimple Hello Pretty Store

Vannie Kaap

Vannie Kaap 1Vannie Kaap 2Vannie Kaap 3Vannie Kaap 4

In the words of the creator “It started on a borrowed laptop from the Cape Flats” turned into something big!

Who the owner/creator is is still a mystery to me as I think it is to many people, but that is okay. It keeps in interesting.

You make us laugh daily with your truer than true words and your memes.

I might have gone a bit over board and ordered a lot, but I just like the gear and products so much.

Caps, cups, socks, hoodies, t-shirts, kiddie shirts and the list goes on.

They started online and recently opened a shop in Canal Walk (I have yet to visit them). This is fantastic and such a big move. So proud!

They are South African in “murg and been”.

Keep it up guys, I am not done purchasing just yet.  Just waiting for pay day!

Find them here:

Vannie Kaap Instagram

Vannie Kaap Website/Shop

I encourage you that no matter where you live that you support your local products/creators/manufactures.

Do you have a local shop/creator you would like to tell me about?

Leave a comment below.

Till next time!


Side note: This post is not sponsored and no links are affiliate links. These are my own opinion and experiences.

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