No to Resolutions, YES to Goals

I do not set resolutions at the beginning of the year. A resolution is not specific. Each year millions of people start Jan 1st with:

  • I am going to eat less

  • I am going to exercise more

  • I am going to stop smoking

and the list goes on. A non-specific wish guide.

The word resolution is a noun and it means to firmly make a decision not to do a specific thing anymore. You might firmly decide to stop all the above mention, but lets be honest with ourselves. How many times have your resolutions actually succeeded? Mine never made it to January 3rd.

I set Goals.

goals (1)

According to Google (my best friend) a goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

I have many successes after I started setting goals for myself. I always keep my goals, measurable, specific, realistic and controllable. Yes, I know not everything can always be controlled, but to the best I can control it. I always set goals for the first 6 months of the year. At the end of June I check where I succeeded and where not. The goals not completed get an extension of 6 months BUT I set myself new goals to review in December.

There is nothing greater than getting to the end of the year and seeing what you have accomplished. It is the best feeling in the world.

It is now January 30th and I need to get focused. This is another reason for goals. I have a time frame. I know by when I want to reach these goals. The longer I take to start the faster and more strict I need to be and who wants that kind of pressure. Not me.

goal_ weightloss

This has been a struggle for the last 3 years. Let me tell you the back ground. I was diagnosed with Depression start of 2016. I was prescribed medication and on my way I went for a 2 year journey of struggling through everything.

Fast forward 3 years, I have picked up 20kg. I have done everything right. At one point I went to the gym twice a day and ate so little. I just could not get rid of the weight.

I told my doctor that I am doing so well the only thing that gets to me is my weight. He then tells me that the medication I am using makes some people pick up weight. Wait! What?! Damn, I knew it was not my fault. This revelation still does not help the fact that I do not fit into my clothes anymore.

So, in February we are changing my medication and I am on my way to crush the first 5. Rome was not built in a day.

goal_ weightloss (1) I am not a fast reader. I actually used to be, but life got busy and I neglected my love for reading. Although I still adore books.

This year I decided that I will get back into it one book at a time. Two months is more than enough to finish a book. I work 8 hours daily so you see where I am getting the 2 months from.

We also finished our bookshelf. Our books look so pretty in it’s new home!

These are some of my to-read’s.


goal_ diabetes

Now, for my fellow humans who do not know what Hba1C means, please go read this link from Diabetes UK (link not affiliated). It is a fantastic explanation in simple terms.

My Hba1C has been 7.4% but I know I can get it lower. It is going to take hard work but 6 months is way more than enough time.


goal_ carbs

Now before you panic or freak out (I did when I first saw the.insulin.type eat so little). When I say carb-free, I refer to anything that raises blood sugar and which are bad for you. For example pasta, bread, potatoes,cookies, cake, crisp you get the idea. The idea is to have good carbs and more protein. Eat yourself stuffed on it and add fruit and vegetables.  No, I am not doing Keto, but you are going to see me trying some recipes.

I think this is going to be my toughest challenge. Sho, I love chocolate and carbs.

goal_ exercise

I would like to be at the gym at least 4 times a well. Anything more is a bonus of course. I have been doing this for quite some time, but I need to be more strict. When life get’s in the way I need to put my foot down and go!


goal_ knitting

My previous knitting project took me a year! This one is almost there. It is ridiculous.

Actually the scarf is almost done. I just need to end it off and stitch it together. Let’s hope this gets done asap!


Luckily they do not look like this anymore!

goal_ piano


This is a sad case. I forgot everything! I went and sat down at the piano and I could not remember 1 piece. Nothing. I is like it has been wiped. My heart broke. I have not touched the piano again since then and that was last year November.

I need to start playing again. It is my love, my stress reliever.

Therefor, goal. Twice a week. Get on it!

In 6 months time, we will see what, where and how!

Do you have set goals for the year? Share them with me! I would like to know that I am not alone and that you have your eye set on something.



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