I have done my second #happydiabeticchallenge this year. I missed a year as I took a break from Instagram and I also lost all my photos from the first one I did as I closed my old account and did not save the photos somewhere else. Silly me.

This year Leah gave us great prompts and I met so many new people. This was great as you are able to follow hash tags now (Thank you Instagram!) and through that you connect to so many people.

The challenge made me think outside the box and I got so much advice and motivation from people I have never met. But we have in common that we all have Diabetes and that connects us. My favourite peeps are the little warriors like Type1Teagen and release.the.kraten. I was 10 months old when I got diagnosed so I remember little from that time, but seeing these little fighters use their sensors and stuff like champions and still enjoying life makes my heart swell. I wish I had this type of Social Media in the 80’s, but hey you are never to old to join.

For those who do not know what this challenge is about, let me tell you.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and the 5th of November is World Diabetes Day. Leah (also known as the.insulin,type) created this challenge to create awareness and connect people who has Diabetes with each other. So, for each day in November you have a photo prompt. You need to take a photo, post it and use the tag #happydiabeticchallenge on Instagram or Facebook. Bob’s your uncle.

I love this challenge.

It connects people and it gives me comfort to know there are people who know exactly what I deal with and how I feel.

This time I remembered to save all my photo’s and without keeping you longer. Have a look at my collage for the month of November.

They are in order according to the prompts above. You can also view it all on my Instagram page where I give much more details on each photo.

Till next time. Bye!

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