5 Questions not to ask a Diabetic

One of the Diabetic bloggers I follow (I name her like this because Diabetes is relevant), did a post on 5 Questions to ask a Diabetic. I thought, hmmm I am going to do the opposite because I have 5 very annoying questions/sayings you should not ask/say to a Diabetic.

I think this is based more on how it is asked and the snotty comments that follow because where there are questions you should ask they overflow to one’s you should not ask. Or if you feel you want to ask-word it differently.

This is based on experiences I had.


Here you go.

1.Can you eat that?

Yes, I can eat everything you can. The only thing I can not have is poison and cookies with poison in them.

2.Does that hurt?  (Usually when injecting or pricking fingers)

Now, what do you think? Poking yourself with a needle is going to hurt from time to time. So, the answer is yes, sometimes.

3.How many times do you inject and then “OOOOH I can never do that”

This is a question and then a statement to my answer. I need to inject every time I put something in my mouth. As my pancreas is not working this means that I can not inject only like 3 or 4 times. I need to inject 7-8 times a day. No, I am not stuffing my face with food but snacks needs to be injected for as well.

The statement-If you do not have another choice and your life depends on it, you will have to inject however many times a day to live.

4.Do you have the bad kind?

This is maybe based on ignorance or what the world perceive Diabetes to be. There are no good or bad kind. There is just Diabetes. There might be different types but that still do not define good or bad.

I watched a Youtube video this morning where a Diabetic said when a doctor asked her if she is Diabetic and she answered yes and automatically adds Type 1, the doctor’s response was “oh yah whatever”. The type does not indicate to him a good or bad. It is just Diabetes.

Diabetes is bad.

5.They say (any random food) can level your blood sugars.

I wish it was that simple.

This actually makes me sad because this statement caused a massive fight in my life with someone I used to love. It also makes me angry and hateful. Think about it. If it was that simple, do you think for one moment I would still be calculating and figuring out every day why my levels look like they look? As well as what caused the spike I am having?

Everything I eat influences my sugar levels/body/weight-everything.

And the answer to that statement is BS.

I am sure that we can make a whole list of questions/statements as each individual have different experiences. The questions above is the most common ones I get and heard of.

If you have ones you can add, please leave a comment below. I would love to see what comes out of the world!

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