Let’s Explore L’Agulhas/Struisbaai

You can say my husband is part of the farming community as he deals daily with farmers and works mainly with fixing farming equipment.

Me being a city girl do not really know anything about farming except what we were taught at school. I want to know more though as I am part of my husbands world now as well. Have you ever seen the alien lights between the crops driving at night doing who knows what. Yeah, well I have more info for you.

My husband took me away in September for a long weekend. We went exploring his home town and where he grew up.

On our way we stopped for Breakfast at Four Cousins in Robertson. We will be back!

This year Nampo came to the Western Cape. All South African farming communities know about Nampo in Bothaville, but as it is really far to drive there from the Western Cape they brought it down to us. How nice. We stopped at Nampo Kaap for the very first time.

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What a day! We walked 11 000 steps and I saw how they hand shear a sheep and Et explained the different machines and functions to me. We spent some time with farm animals. I could not believe how big the machines, I used to see so far away, really is. I also loved chatting to the sheep farmers and hearing about the process from when they shear a sheep until I get my ball of wool in the shop.

Can you believe that this is one sheep’s wool!?

LAgulhas 22

And then I bought myself a sheep!

L'Agulhas 57

Friday we went sightseeing around L’Agulhas and Struisbaai. Et showed me all the places he used to visit, where they lived, the harbour and we went to the most Southern Point of South Africa. I think my brain still can not comprehend that I was at the most southern point. Oh boy, the wind blew us away. They have this really pretty map of Africa built on the ground with the mountains displayed. We tried our best to get a picture. Seeing that we were there now of course we had some fun taking pictures and taking in the scenery.

LAgulhas 51

Next stop was the lighthouse. This is another thing that fascinates me. Inside they have the history on lighthouses and they have this file mounted against the wall with lighthouses from right over the world. There are A LOT!

Not too far from the lighthouse, you can see the MFV Meisho Maru which stranded in 1982. The lighthouse holds information on this shipwreck and you can read about it here. The crew could not have picked a more beautiful spot for some sightseeing.

LAgulhas 35

At the lighthouse we climbed the very narrow 71 steps up to the light. Again, the wind was not friendly, but the view was a beaut! I am not scared of heights but neither fond of it. We did not stay long and then made our way down. All in all it was worth it. I always say just do it because you will always wonder if you did not.

L'Agulhas 56

LAgulhas 46

LAgulhas 48

We also caught up with some old school friends of Et at their 20 years reunion. I envy them as they are a great bunch of people and there are just no hang-ups. As they explained to me, yes there were “clicks” but they stood together when it mattered. How cool to see your Grade 1 friend hey! I wonder how many of us can remember anyone who were with us from Gr 1 to Grade 12.

The little place we called our home for the weekend had a lovely welcoming committee. I was woken on Saturday morning by Mr cat scratching on the door to open up. We even shared an afternoon nap. The doggo were too cute and the owners of the house made us feel super welcome. We were hidden in Suiderstrand which made it perfect as it was very quiet and when driving into town we passed all the important places making it easy accessible. If you ever visit that side make sure you go have fresh fish and chips at L’Agulhas Fish and Chips shop as well as some beer and breakfast at The Crafty Pig.

I like that part of the world and would like to go back in Summer. Remember it is almost always windy, but the scenery is absolutely worth it.

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