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My Birthday Weekend

Hi There!

Recently I was blessed with turning another year older. We decided that on our birthdays we will plan a weekend away and the one celebrating can decide where we go.

My turn!

I chose Franschoek.

Of course it was a good idea, but it gets expensive.

First stop was The Alpaca Loom between Stellenbosch and Paarl. We did not do the tour, but we did feed them and spent some time in the camp. They are so cute. I am just very disappointed at the cost of purchasing something. It is handmade and beautiful, but I feel it is way to expensive.

They have a little coffee shop some cakes and pies and a beautiful view over the valley. Definitely a stop if you have kids or if you feel like a kid.

Just look at that sexy strut!

We had lunch at Barley and Biltong Emporium. WOW! is what I have to say about our lunch. It was delicious. I am fond of the views that you have when spending some time there and I would go back anytime. It is value for money, the staff is great, the service speedy and the food divine!

Birthday Weekend 9

Birthday Weekend 8

Last stop on Friday was Die Afrikaanse Taal Monument. I have never been and this was the main event for me. I was a bit disappointed as there is not much to do. I think the full moon picnics and star gazing might be spectacular and this is something I would like to do. There is a coffee/curio shop and again, the views are great. I would go again. There is still a garden to see and some events to attend.

Birthday Weekend 44

We explored the main street of Franschoek and turned at The Huguenot Monument. Entry to the museum is R20,00. I was very interested in the history and am glad I took a brisk walk through. What shocked me is that if you want to enter the garden to the monument you need to pay R20,00 again. A bit of a rip off I would say. It is still pretty though and from the wall you can still get a very nice look at it and take some pretty pictures.

Birthday Weekend 43

On our way to Babylonstoren.

” This was fantastic!!!! “

Birthday Weekend 23

I enjoyed this wine farm so much.

There is a lot to keep you busy. We were here for more than 2 and a half hours. I am glad we did this on its own, because an hour is not even close to enough.

The tasting was refreshing, just a shame we could not get a glass. It is so pretty. The tasting starts at R30,00 per person and include 5 wines.

They have a huge garden where you can walk and explore. The smells, the sun, the walk, it is just so fantastic. Yes, I am raving, but I enjoyed it so much. I will go back again and again.

We had lunch at The Glass House. A bit expensive and not a lot of options. This is not your only restaurant though. You have choices. So next time we try a different one.

I had fun with my camera. hehehe

Birthday Weekend 22

Birthday Weekend 24

Birthday Weekend 27

Ps. I did more than 12 000 steps for the day! Phew.

Birthday Weekend 32

Sunday was a lot of fun on The Franschoek Wine Tram.

Before I go on. A few pointers.

•Book in advance.

Do not make the same mistake as we did. We though we were going to get space on Saturday by just rocking up, it does not work like that. They are pretty fully booked.

•Wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen.

•Tie back your hair ladies. It gets pretty windy on the tram and bus.

•Do not try and do 6 stops (which is the maximum on the Purple Line). Read up about the farms and where you want to spend some time. Some farms offer more than just a tasting and restaurant. You only have an hour per farm. If you only want to taste the wine, then fine. Just keep in mind it will be fast paced. Rather choose 3 or 4 and enjoy it.

We stopped at Vrede and Lust first. The tasting presentation was wonderful with the ladies in red, the wines just as much. Have a tasting and grab something to eat.

Birthday Weekend 42

Birthday Weekend 31

We chose Allée Bleue as well. I did not like the wines that much, but it is a really pretty farm with all the blue!

Birthday Weekend 33

Backsberg was our last stop and this one I enjoyed just as much. It was great being fetched and greeted from the tractor by one of the girls. We decided to do a wine pairing (R95.00 per person). It was totally worth it.

Birthday Weekend 37

We had some time to walk around. Unfortunately the restaurant was fully booked. They have a great menu and I would love to go back and have lunch here some time.

On our way back to town we had this old couple in front of us and it was so cute how the husband hold the wives hat for her to take pictures. The wind was quite strong and we can not loose a hat, can we.

Birthday Weekend 39

We had a great weekend with lovely weather. There are so many farms in the area. It makes for a perfect trip on a Sunday, even a Saturday.

I look forward to our next trip out to Franschoek.

Birthday Weekend 41

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