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Surprise! (Our Engagement)

We have been planning for a few days that we are going to visit The West Coast National Park. My boyfriend said he wanted to have a braai next to the ocean and that sounded just as grand to me.

On our way we some some (tame) wild and a little bit of flowers. This is quite sad because of the draught.

Engagement 1Engagement 2

We arrived way to early for the spot where we wanted to be so we snoozed in the car a bit in front of the closed gate.

We found a spot close enough to the ocean and secluded enough to be on our own. We had some visitors of course.

We were both paste as we were unpacking boxes the previous day. I fell asleep on my chair and my boyfriend woke me up asking a favor. Here is the conversation.

BF: Don’t you want to add some wood to the fire? (he gets down on both his knees to grab a piece and hands it to me)

Me: Saying nothing, just trying to get the piece of wood from him.

Engagement 12

BF: Stand closer

Me: Why?

BF: And remove your hat and sunglasses

Me: But why?

BF: I want to see your eyes

BF: It is a pretty piece of wood hey?

Me: (laughing) Yes, it is.

BF: Will you burn in my life like this piece of wood will burn in the fire?

Me: (Still not knowing what is happening) I start laughing, answering off course.

BF: You still don’t realise what is happening?

Me: A bit confused..Noooo

BF: Okay, so we played 20 questions earlier and on your own you asked me some questions, right?

Me: Hmmm

BF: Well, I only have 1 questions to ask.

Me: Hmmm

BF: Elré Hugo, will you please marry me?

Me: What?! Really? Like really?

BF: Yes, really (kind of like what silly question is that?

Me: Yes! Totally blown over. (giggling and smiling and laughing and hugging and going all girly on him)

At this point he opens the wood and this is what I see

Engagement 11

Me: WOW! Where did you this made? And when did you have this made?

BF: I will tel you everything. But first get your ring.

Me: I am still squealing with joy.

BF: Let me ask again, Will you marry me?

Me: YES!

I did not expect anything. Not even a hint. Nothing. I was totally taken by surprise and I absolutely loved it. My family knew and they were all keeping the secret and here I though we were just going to have a braai.

It was a wonderful day.

Engagement 10

Engagement 8

We laughed and had a wonderful lunch and then made our way to his brother to celebrate.

Our day was perfect and we had the most beautiful sunset to stare at. My favourite!

Engagement 9

This is my surprise engagement story.

Till next time!

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