Weskus Getaway

My boyfriend, now fiancé but more on that in a next post, and I said that we want to explore this year. We want to go away on quick getaways and go see places we have not seen before.

This trip was my chance to explore and see some places I have not seen before. What a treat.

I did not go as ballistic with my camera as per the norm, but I did take some shots.

Travel with me through the little bit of West Coast I saw.

Weskus Getaway 1

Yzerfontein beach front was the first stop where we had breakfast. I know Yzerfontein as we have been spending summer holidays here from before I was born till my matric year and my parents still go every single December.

I am very fond of Yzerfontein and made a lot of good memories with friends here. This is the only shot though. I have too many already.

Jacobsbaai Weskus Getaway

Jacobsbaai I have never heard of. A quint little beach with nothing else than holiday houses, accommodation and fresh air. They have a little restaurant and curio shop on the beach front and what a perfect place to have some breakfast or lunch. Inside they have a fire place which would be perfect in Winter.

We stopped here for a cup of coffee and something to eat.

A little slide show for your viewing pleasure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SaldanahWeskus Getaway

Saldanah was on the stop list as well. I have been here once, but it was dark (we only slept over) and could not explore. We drove around and ended up at the harbour. I had a feast with the old boats!


Weskus Getaway 13

Paternoster I have been at before and it is the cutest place. A little fisherman’s haven. The best ice cream, according to me, is found here as it is real soft serve and the beach is one long stretch of freedom. I really enjoyed spending some time here with boyfriend and his brother’s girls. We had fun!

Weskus Getaway 6Weskus Getaway 5Weskus Getaway 4Weskus Getaway 3

On our way home we stopped for my fascination with this electricity generators. I am not sure what you actually call them! I did not know they were this huge! Fascinating!

Weskus Getaway 18

Till our next adventure!

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