Christelle de Kock

Personal Trainer/ Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Why do you love fitness so much and what made you get into it?

Ahhh, so many reasons! Most of all I love the difference fitness makes in someone’s life overall…how it can make you realise you are capable of so much more than you once thought/ always told yourself you were. I love all the aspects of “Fitness”! The biggest reason I got into this industry in the first place was to really help people realise and reach their full potential…with the hope and potential that what they achieve with training carries over into their daily lives as a whole.

You recently took part in a very big competition, how did it go and what did you learn from it?

Well, it was a little while back, and more than one competition, but it was still a great journey and I am proud of my own progress along the way. I did not make the top finalists, but enjoyed it nonetheless, especially the photo shoots and videos that was needed, quality photos are always a fun experience, and you always learn something new you can improve on and are good at In terms of competitions like these (Cover model competitions, spokes models, fitness stars etc.) I have definitely learned how important social media is as a tool to boost your profile and your “presence” out there!

What is your opinion on all these “fab” diets (banting//high carb//low carb//fruit and veg etc)?

My true and honest opinion is that you should eat and use nutrition in such a way to get the best out of your body. No short cuts, no unbalanced diets. Your body needs all the nutrients, how much of everything is just dependent on you as an individual’s needs taking into account activity levels, goals, specific health concerns etc. I firmly believe that every person should treat their body like that of an athlete fueling their body in such a way that it is functioning optimally, taking into account the workout you just finished as well as the one coming up tomorrow and the day after.

What is your piece of advice to someone that is really struggling (fitness wise) at this moment?

My advice has many angles, depending on the specific person but what is definitely true is that quality support matters. Especially on the days when motivation is low and being disciplined towards your goal is tough, support can come in many forms, a spouse, a friend, a gym buddy (or gym buddies), a trainer, coach, family member, colleague etc. Share your goal with the people close to you that supports your well being and happiness, someone you can trust and who will tell it like it is. They can keep you accountable on your “off” days! Also, be honest with yourself when it comes to your methods towards achieving your goals. Make sure they fit into your lifestyle so they are easier to stick to in the long run and always remember being consistent is key. You can have the most basic training program, but if you follow it diligently and don’t miss a day that you need to train (unless if sickness interferes) you will improve so much more and get miles better results than someone using the coolest training program that only trains every now and then with no real consistency.

Name one thing you cannot live without

LOVE! I need to live love everyday. Towards myself, towards my family, towards my clients and every person I meet. That truly makes me and those around me a little bit happier and that makes me feel good, even on a crazy day!


Where are you based and how can people contact you?

I am currently based in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Email me:

Social Media:

Instagram: Christelle de Kock

Facebook: Christelle de Kock – Exercise specialist

Photo Credit: Pieter Pieters Photography; Hanli van der Spuy

Christelle was my trainer for quite some time when I lived in Potchefstroom. You can trust her, I do. She always have your best interest at heart and she has this presence about her that just makes you want to go, even on a bad day. But be warned, you will be trained hard!

Till next time!

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