Up Kloof Corner

Hello There!

This year I have a set list of things I would like to do before the end of the year. One of these things are start to hike and then hike a lot.

I heard about Kloof Corner from A Short Girl’s World post about it and when I first read it, I have wanted to do it.

One Wednesday After Work, a friend and I set off on our little adventure.

It is a quick 25-30 minute climb (we dubbed it the Quad Killer) with a beautiful view. This is an easy, chilled and a good after work hike midweek.

How to get there? Take the road up to the Cable Car at table Mountain (Table Mountain Road) and then park at the second parking on your left. It is a s small bit of paved parking. Walk around he corner and you will the sign.

Go do it!

Till we meet again.IMG_7712 (Large)IMG_7715 (Large)IMG_7716 (Large)IMG_7719 (Large)IMG_7720 (Large)IMG_7721 (Large)IMG_7722 (Large)IMG_7732 (Large)IMG_7735 (Large)IMG_7740 (Large)IMG_7744 (Large)IMG_7750 (Large)IMG_7751 (Large)

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