2020 Goals – 6 month UPDATE

And here is July 2020. Half the year is gone. Honestly, I wish it was the whole year. 2020 can stop and let me off, I will walk the remainder. This ride is too extreme. Well, on this extreme ride, I have managed to complete, exceed and not even get close to some of my… Continue reading 2020 Goals – 6 month UPDATE


Elré – Since 21 November 1985

Have you ever owned a key ring or book mark with your name printed on it? Not the self made type. I am talking about those really nice ones you find at gift shops. I can not help myself. I always go and check what they have available. It is usually the most lovely names.… Continue reading Elré – Since 21 November 1985


Mamma’s is engele van Jesus af.

Ek het laas jaar vir my ma se verjaarsdag vir haar ietsie geskryf. Dit is heeltmal nogsteeds gepas en ek wil dit weer vir haar gee vir Moedersdag. Ek is seker sy het al vergeet wat ek als gelees het. Jy weet, ouderdom.  (-Lief vir Mamma) Ek het ook belsuit om ietsie anders te doen… Continue reading Mamma’s is engele van Jesus af.


COVID-19: My Diary – Part 2

If you missed part 1 of my diary, you can read it here. Day 22: So, last night Etienne and I took a sleeping pill. We were exhausted and after the message we received from my work, we had to get some sleep. This morning I woke up groggy. My head felt thick and I… Continue reading COVID-19: My Diary – Part 2


Home Made (Sugar Free) Ice Tea

Recently I have been searching for new things to drink. Believe it or not, I have just become really bored and fed up with soda drinks. I feel bloated and I swear they changed the Coke Zero recipe. It just does not taste the same any more. I switched to sugar free ice tea (Lipton… Continue reading Home Made (Sugar Free) Ice Tea


My husband: Say it like it is!

I saw this questionnaire on Facebook. Now, if you know me well, you will know that I am a sucker for questionnaires. I just freaking love filling them out. This was funny! Ask your husband these questions about you and write down exactly what comes first to mind from him. 1 Something I say a… Continue reading My husband: Say it like it is!


Bril-Try On at Home

By this time everyone should be aware that I absolutely love Bril. If I could I would have a different frame for every day of the week. Simply because these guys are fantastic when it comes to customer service and the range of frames they have are awesome! One of these days I will have… Continue reading Bril-Try On at Home