Bril Trunk Show #brilmynou

What is a trunk show? I have never heard of it till I saw this event advertised. So, what do we do if we do not know the meaning of something-ask Google and they will direct you to Wikipedia. So, according to Wikipedia -"A trunk show is an event in which vendors present merchandise directly to store… Continue reading Bril Trunk Show #brilmynou


Happy Diaversary – Class of ’86

Today, 33 years ago on 3 October 1986 I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I am actually at a bit of a loss for words. 33 years is a long time. I turn 34 in November. I want to cry a little. I have so many feelings on this day. Today I went and… Continue reading Happy Diaversary – Class of ’86


Diary of a fat kid 1.0

Monday, 12 August The day had it's challenges, but nothing exciting happened. I did take my mother-in-law for a very fast paced shopping spree in Malmesbury during my lunch. I am so proud. Sometimes I surprise myself how fast I can actually move. Look, food is not my friend, yet, and lunch was 4 slices,… Continue reading Diary of a fat kid 1.0


Stephen Smit – A cancer survivor

Account Manager (Distribution Company) You are a cancer survivor and how you dealt with it is why I admire you so much, tell us your story. If anything, my story should be a cautionary take of always getting a 2nd or 3rd opinion if you have a medical issue that does not go away. I have… Continue reading Stephen Smit – A cancer survivor


My favourite local shops #supportlocal

You can ask my husband any time and he will say I have a problem. Well, two actually. I love local, handmade arts, crafts and products and I absolutely love online shopping. I am a big fan of supporting locally produced goods. South African creators have so much to offer and these people/creators make me… Continue reading My favourite local shops #supportlocal


No to Resolutions, YES to Goals

I do not set resolutions at the beginning of the year. A resolution is not specific. Each year millions of people start Jan 1st with: I am going to eat less I am going to exercise more I am going to stop smoking and the list goes on. A non-specific wish guide. The word resolution… Continue reading No to Resolutions, YES to Goals

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the.insulin.type on Low Carb Eating

1. How long have you been a diabetic? I have had type 1 Diabetes for 12 years. I was diagnosed when I was 14. It's crazy to think that I have had Diabetes for almost half of my life! 2. Your diagnosis story?  Well, it was pretty similar to a lot of other diagnosis stories.… Continue reading the.insulin.type on Low Carb Eating



I have done my second #happydiabeticchallenge this year. I missed a year as I took a break from Instagram and I also lost all my photos from the first one I did as I closed my old account and did not save the photos somewhere else. Silly me. This year Leah gave us great prompts… Continue reading #HAPPYDIABETICCHALLENGE